For twenty years now, SoftWizards has been operating in the area of ​​software development and graphic creation. We carry out our projects both at home and abroad. We provide services to very demanding clients, e.g. from the logistics industry. We also work with companies from sectors such as manufacturing, internet sales or the automotive industry. We have extensive experience in many industries - this makes it easier for us to understand our clients' business needs, adapt to their requirements and offer tailored solutions.



We use the latest technologies and programming languages, we select them depending on the client's needs and the size of the assumed budget. Several years of cooperation with domestic and foreign clients results in extensive experience in the implementation of complex systems and their integration with other external platforms. We provide comprehensive services to our clients - from consultations, through programming implementation, graphic creation, to many years of service and modernization of our projects.


We are able to adapt to the expectations of our clients, because we flexibly approach the tasks entrusted to us, trying to fully understand the needs that occur and the internal business processes. We work out the most advantageous solutions together with our clients. Working hand in hand with our clients, we deliver working tools for business.


Contact with the client

We value direct contact with our clients. As an international team we work with companies from all over the world. The most important thing for us is a direct approach to the client and constant consultancy. We become part of the business/team of companies for which we provide our services in order to best understand the client's needs and to be of irreplaceable help in the IT field.