What we do

Sales Systems

We implement scalable, dedicated B2B and B2C customised sales systems. We modernize, optimize and support you as part of the SLA operation. Our portfolio includes several implementations of dedicated B2B and B2C platforms for large companies in the automotive industry (car parts distributor) or the manufacturing industry (tools distributor and manufacturer). Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and scalability of our solutions, we have been operating and modifying all our platforms for many years.

Logistical Systems

We have many years of experience in operating and implementing comprehensive logistics systems. We support both national and international logistics corporations. We are proud of our four-year long cooperation with an international leader in the logistics industry, servicing several warehouses around the world. Many years of cooperation results in the understanding of the logistics industry and its processes. The specifics of this industry require us to be highly flexible, which has resulted in many years of cooperation and constant new upgrades.


Integrations with Systems

Integrations of applications, data and systems (Dedicated, ERP, SAP and others), sales platforms (Allegro, eBay, Amazon and others). Our sales or logistics platforms require integration with all kinds of external CRM or ERP systems or popular marketplaces such as Allegro, eBay or Amazon. We automate our clients' business processes, which results in their dynamic development and profitability of their investments.


Web applications

Websites with dedicated CMS system, e-commerce platforms, web portals, mobile applications, web applications. At the root of our business were implementations of websites with our dedicated CMS system, PrestaShop e-commerce platforms or dedicated or web and mobile applications. We undertake interesting projects like all kinds of CONFIGURATIONS (e.g. furniture, fences), we use the most modern technologies.


Design & creation

We create graphics for websites, web applications, mobile applications, advertisements, Corporate Identity, DTP, etc. We have over 20 years of experience in designing layouts for websites, corporate identities (logos) or advertising materials. Thanks to this department in our company we are self-sufficient and can offer our clients comprehensive services, both in graphic design and programming.


Systems for banking

We have gained experience by cooperating with the largest credit institutions in Sweden, Norway and Poland. We used various platforms and technologies. We have developed integrations with many systems supporting modern lending activities at every stage (from creating telephone campaigns and monitoring online advertising campaigns, through scoring systems and credit risk modeling, transaction systems - to tools for data analysis departments). Open Banking tools, credit risk assessments, scoring strategies, telephone systems, debt collection systems, automatic shipments - we will select and adapt to your needs.